See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


Well, I don’t mean literally helping them with a loan of your own video camera, or perhaps posting grainy footage of you miming on youtube. No sir! What’s happening here is that Ugly Kid Joe are utilising a great little website called Kickstarter which in effect is kinda like one of those charity websites  –  the ones where you sponsor your mates to swim the Channel in a clown outfit – but instead, the charity is Ugly Kid Joe themselves and you’re sponsoring them to make a new music video!

Sound rude to you? Well it isn’t, everyone has bills to pay, even the mightily understated UKJ. It’s a fucking brain wave is what it is, and what makes it so great is that when you part with your money you actually receive something in return. And we’re not talking about some leftover official Roadie boogers from the tour bus. The goods on offer are ungodly, unheard of, and some are the kinda things your ol’ mum would say “Money just can’t buy”. Well, now it can.



Ugly Kid Joe are BACK! Not just sneaky appearances, rumours and the odd leaked photo either. No, no, no – we mean back with new goodies. Now it’s tangible, now it’s listenable, now it’s watchable.
In what seemed like a mysterious opening gambit from the mighty ‘Joe in the last months, has turned into an all-out assault on our senses. The last week has seen the release of their first single in over 15 years Devil’s Paradise (and of course the accompanying video) and there’s also a 7 minute long EPK video regarding the band’s reunion and making of the new EP. All in HD. All top notch.
But it doesn’t end there! May 24th also saw the downloadable release of the EP Stairway To Hell. Their first EP since their debut As Ugly As They Wanna Be in 1991, and their first release of new material since 1996’s Motel California.

So if you haven’t heard the EP yet, you might wonder what you’re missing out on. Well, frankly, you’re missing out on the release of 2012. And for us, this is enough said. Will a review turn up on these pages? It’s a conundrum, since of course it would be entirely bias and honorably receive 10 out of 5.



‘Tis true indeed! UGLY KID JOE really are back, and although to many aficionados this may be reasonably old news, the real nugget here is that in just over a month’s time they’ll be touring Europe. I Am The Wolf is elated at the prospect of seeing the band live after over a decade’s wait, and thus the word must be spread of this wondrous event.

It’s like the years after 1996 never happened.

It’s been almost 15 years since Ugly Kid Joe last played a show together, and now -finally – they are back with the same line-up and ready to kick out the jams and welcome in the marmalade.