See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


VENUE: Telenor Arena, Oslo

DATE: July 6th 2011

SUPPORT: Alice Cooper

Photo: Elin Hansson (

It was only a matter of time before Maiden would set foot on the Viking soil of Norway whilst on their epic Final Frontier Tour. With 40 countries under their belt, and a tour that started over a year previous you’d certainly expect a tired and worn out bunch of old cockneys with arthiritis in their knees. But this is Iron Maiden, and although cockney’s are rife, they really are the troopers they sing about:
The day before the show members of Maiden played their almost traditional football match against the Norwegian Opera House team! Joining Team Maiden and Steve Harris was none other than Satyricon’s lead singer himself Satyr, and appropriately they won 13-1. Stick that in your bonnet of Maiden football facts.

The following night they blew the fackin’ socks from the feet of Oslo’s Telenor Arena…