See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


Back with another edition of our Lost Ramblings, and delving 3 years back to 2008 where I Am The Wolf got to meet Airbourne for the first time, in the crumbling interior walls of London’s Astoria. This was probably the last time I set foot in there before the thing was demolished. Which adds to my list of bizarre occurrences – either a band I interview splits up, goes on hiatus, a member quits or the place of interview gets demolished…

BUT, luckily for us and thank fuck, AIRBOURNE are still going and stronger than ever! With their second album No Guts No Glory still riding high worldwide after being released over a year ago, these well-versed-in-the-art-of-all-that-is-AC/DC antipodeans are currently blasting their frantic rhythms into the atmosphere of festivals all over Europe, and even managed to support Iron Maiden on a couple of dates this summer. Ahoy-hoy monsieur.

Joel gets stuck in. Literally.

So without further ado, I give you the unreleased charms and important wisdom of what it takes to be a genuine, hard-hitting, balls-out, chin-up, rock n’ roll band. Your hosts in time – guitarists Joel O’ Keeffe and David Roads:



As with most interviews undertaken for a freelance article – you always end up with more words than it’s possible to whittle down. But whittle down you must, even if it means excluding what some fans might see as being the cream of the crop. So where do these cuttings end up? Usually at the arse end of the delete button.

But fear not fellow wolfmen! Sometimes things get saved, and today starts us off in a high spirited summer fashion. Fresh from their appearance at this years Download Festival, and the first in our batch of unreleased gems –  the ever-metal, ever-reggae, ever-growing, Skindred: