See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


I AM THE WOLF is run by freelance writer Gary Sutherland.

Photo: © Leon Harris, 2007.

Gary’s life began when he was born in Essex in 1981, the little-known second Summer of Love that centred around the Wickford area. Rumours abound about Gary’s parentage, with many theorising that sightings of legendary rock virtuoso Eddie Money in the vicinity nine months prior to his discovery is more than mere coincidence, but all that is known is that Gary was adopted and raised in a local forest by a pack of wild wolves. Though these days, proof of this hirsute nature is limited to his forearms.

Learning to speak fluent Essex, followed by traditional decipherable English, Gary joined the mainstream education system in the UK. Gary graduated from the Norwich School of Art & Design with a BA (Hons) Graphic Design.
Heading for the Big Smoke with a head filled with dreams and a barnet filled with peroxide, Gary turned his back on Graphic Design and turned his attention to his first love, music. After performing vocals with the popular beat combo Skintight Jaguars, which included a tour with Swedish degenerates Backyard Babies, the decision was made to go forth and preach the good word instead – aside from tales of adulation toward Ugly Kid Joe, Gary has written for Danish online magazine Antenna, in addition to Future Publishing’s Total Guitar periodical.

Gary once cooked dinner for Happy Tom and Euroboy of Turbonegro fame, and has also encountered several other bands on his travels, interviewing the likes of Maximo Park, Satyricon and Airbourne to name but a few. Musicians met under the warming influence of Strongbow include Chris Ballew, Justin Hawkins, Barney Greenway, Joe Elliott, Danko Jones, Phil Campbell and most notably Ronnie Wood. Sadly most of these interviews consisted of two slurred words.

Deciding that the life of the Viking was the one for him, Gary presently resides in Oslo. He also has a watertight alibi for the night that church burned down, thanks for asking.

– Greg Porter (Devolution Magazine), March 2011.