See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


Well, I don’t mean literally helping them with a loan of your own video camera, or perhaps posting grainy footage of you miming on youtube. No sir! What’s happening here is that Ugly Kid Joe are utilising a great little website called Kickstarter which in effect is kinda like one of those charity websites  –  the ones where you sponsor your mates to swim the Channel in a clown outfit – but instead, the charity is Ugly Kid Joe themselves and you’re sponsoring them to make a new music video!

Sound rude to you? Well it isn’t, everyone has bills to pay, even the mightily understated UKJ. It’s a fucking brain wave is what it is, and what makes it so great is that when you part with your money you actually receive something in return. And we’re not talking about some leftover official Roadie boogers from the tour bus. The goods on offer are ungodly, unheard of, and some are the kinda things your ol’ mum would say “Money just can’t buy”. Well, now it can.

Here’s the story: Ugly Kid Joe have released their first new music in over 15 years, and apart from the fact that it’s a fucking gem of an EP, they’re even going to the lengths of making some top notch music videos without the financial backing of those cheeky redundant dinosaurs – record labels. The first single with accompanying music video was Devil’s Paradise, but now the boys are back with another single I’m Alright, and this tune is a knockout. Best chorus in years, best riff in decades, and the best encapsulation of Bon Scott era AC/DC since 1979. If you haven’t heard it then I’m amazed you’re reading this article. So I’ll assume you’ve heard it and put my descriptions on the backburner.

Here’s just a sample of the unique shit on offer if you buck up your ideas and help UKJ out:

– Get the above t-shirt, officially sanctioned by Lemmy, and now rarer than pubes in Playboy!

– Receive a phonecall or Skype from a band member.

– Get an executive producer credit at the end of the music video.

– Make a cameo in the new music video.

– Attend a UKJ rehearsal with a friend in the US and go out for dinner with the band afterwards. Plus video cameo. Plus executive producer credit. Includes hotel accommodation.

This is the major stuff if you have the money. If not, then you can donate as little as a dollar and still receive a thanks on their facebook page! Up for grabs you’ll also find a slew of: T-shirts, signed posters, signed CDs, plus a special version of I’m Alright, some unique artwork by Brandon Lyons signed by the band and a whole lot more.

To check out the full lowdown and to start donating some serious wonga/bones/dosh, head on over to the KICKSTARTER PAGE here. Be sure to watch the video of guitarist Klaus Eichstadt, as it make this plea more personal! Go and do it folks! Where else can you be a part of UKJ history!

Might as well also mention while we’re here that I Am The Wolf was actually in attendance at Ugly Kid Joe’s concert in Vienna back in June where the band announced the new single, and even recorded some official crowd shots with the band miming to a backing track! Probably should’ve said something before, but didn’t wanna spoil your dinner. It was the best club show of the tour, and that made it even more so.


If you’re a fan and know this Kickstarter stuff already AND don’t want this visit to my website to be a waste of time then I’ll throw in some nuggets especially for you:

While on the European club tour back in June we spoke a little bit with a few band members and heard that guitarist Dave Fortman would really love to re-record the whole of their back catalogue in one straight go so they can regain the rights back. Perhaps Def Leppard have started a trend here! Either way, with that and a recent interview for Rolling Stone (Brazil) it sounds to me like Dave isn’t quite finished with recording new UKJ yet.
AND on that note –  Rumours are that the guys actually recorded more than just the 6 tracks you’ve heard on the Stairway To Hell EP. Apparently the other tracks didn’t make it through the quality control selection process, but are indeed sitting in a studio somewhere. Ugly Kid Joe and Whit Crane in particular, if you happen upon this, then we urge you to go back and check out these tracks! Perhaps I’m Alright could come with a B-side?? What you think is a dishwater track, we the fans might actually think is top notch. We lap it up whether you like it or not! Hell, even Ghost Town is playing right now. A knockout offering that didn’t make it onto any official UKJ release… think about it chaps…

Think where we’d be if AC/DC didn’t release Carry Me Home as a B-side. We’d be less one of the best Bon tracks ever.

Right! Here’s a live review of the London show from June. This was scanned from last month’s Powerplay Magazine available in some outlets in the UK. Get your international peepers around this. Click it (twice, to enlarge) and feel the sensation of scanning a mag for UKJ news like it was 1996!

Ugly Kid Joe are touring the UK with Alice Cooper and Duff McKagan’s Loaded in October 2012:


Oct 24th – Cardiff, Wales – Cardiff Arena

Oct 25th – Wolverhampton, England – Wolves Civic

Oct 26th – Plymouth, England – C103 (w/ Duff McKagan’s Loaded)

Oct 27th – Bournemouth, England – International Centre

Oct 28th – London, England – Wembley Arena

Oct 30th – Nottingham, England – Royal Centre

Oct 31st – Edinburgh, Scotland – Usher Hall


Nov 1st – Sheffield, England – City Hall

Nov 2nd – Belfast, N. Ireland – Limelight (w/ Duff McKagan’s Loaded)

Nov 3rd – Dublin, Ireland – Academy (w/ Duff McKagan’s Loaded)


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