See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


‘Tis true indeed! UGLY KID JOE really are back, and although to many aficionados this may be reasonably old news, the real nugget here is that in just over a month’s time they’ll be touring Europe. I Am The Wolf is elated at the prospect of seeing the band live after over a decade’s wait, and thus the word must be spread of this wondrous event.

It’s like the years after 1996 never happened.

It’s been almost 15 years since Ugly Kid Joe last played a show together, and now -finally – they are back with the same line-up and ready to kick out the jams and welcome in the marmalade.

If you didn’t know this already, you’ve not been kept up to date enough. Guess I’m partly to blame though. We’ve been aware of this since last year, and the current tour dates have been slowly dripping out of HQ since the start of the year… But hey, it’s not only us being slack to report, the world’s music press have been pretty damned silent too! In fact, even UKJ themselves are keeping a low profile up to the stage of their first show – a sold out concert at London’s Camden Underworld.
So far we’ve only heard one new track on an American radio show, but we’ve had no new interviews, no guest appearances, not even a one-off reunion show in their native California!

This is quite a sneaky comeback.

So in an effort to address this shocking laziness, we are here to spread the word further. It’s no hidden secret that I Am The Wolf is obsessed with all things related to UKJ, so although we can’t add any news that isn’t found anywhere else, we can sum it up easily for you:

* “Love Ain’t True” is the name of the first track heard from the upcoming EP (played on US Radio station The Bone during an interview with Whit). It’s a slice of near-classic UKJ, with more funk and rap than anything heard on their last releases from 1996. To some it’s been a shock, but in recollection, the magic of UKJ is that they didn’t have to follow a pattern. Whit’s voice come’s across a little Beastie Boys, in fact even a bit NWA. But we’re fans of Ice Cube. Plus the breakdown in the track is pure Motel California UKJ, and that’s the important part here.

* “Devil’s Paradise” hasn’t been heard yet, but around April 1st a video was filmed up near Lake Tahoe with the Hatchett Brothers from Standard Films. As April 30th the video is now in the final stages of processing. Could this be our first glimpse of UKJ together before the tour? Rumour has it that this track sounds more like a track from ‘Menace To Sobriety’.

* “Make Me Sick” – According to Shannon in a video interview with “The first song we did was called Make Me Sick, and the chorus goes ‘I keep squeezing, ’til the blood drips dry, there ain’t no reason for you to be alive’, so now we’re trying to kill you.” Looking forward to hearing this if it made the cut!

* A 6-track EP is finished and ready for release. Which may or may not include these tracks.

* DrumART have created drumskin artwork for the upcoming tour.

* No word of a record label are reported, so it’s possible that everything is being self-managed, hence the lack of press and details.

Cordell wearing flip-flops. Pure California.

We hope to get more information over here in the colds of Oslo and will be following the tour pretty damn closely, sniffing out the goods like a true Wolf, perhaps even scoring a few interviews here and there if the rock gods shine upon us!

But what’s this?!… ‘Breaking news’ I appear to see myself typing… Yup, not all is silent on the Ugly front and next up to look forward to is a brand new interview with friend of The Wolf and original UKJ guitarist Roger Lahr!
Roger was with the band during their breakthrough of their first EP As Ugly As They Wanna Be and played on the song Everything About You. He’ll be telling us stories from the very early days of the Joe featuring Kirk Hammett, how he ended up stranded deep in backwoods USA after playing his final show with the band, and how he’s looking forward to the other guys’ reunion. Stay tuned out there all you Ugly fuckers.

Here is the line-up:

Whitfield Crane – Vocals
Klaus Eichstadt – Guitar
Dave Fortman – Guitar
Cordell Crockett – Bass
Shannon Larkin – Drums

Here are the dates:


June 6th – London, UK – Camden Underworld – SOLD OUT

June 8th – Sweden – Sweden Rock Festival

June 10th – Donington, UK – Download Festival

June 12th – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Melkweg (w/ Puddle Of Mudd)

June 13th – Paris, France – Forum De Vaureal (w/ Puddle Of Mudd)

June 14th – Bochum, Germany – Matrix (w/ Puddle Of Mudd)

June 16th – Cologne, Germany – Die Werkstatt

June 18th – Berlin, Germany – SO38

June 19th – Munich, Germany – Feierwerk

June 20th – Vienna, Austria – Szene Wien

June 22nd – Milan, Italy – Gods Of Metal Festival

June 23rd – Basel, Switzerland – Earshakerdays Festival

June 24th – Dessel, Belgium – Grasspop Festival

June 26th – Prague, Czech Republic – Lucerne Music Bar

June 27th – Innsbruck, Austria – Hafen

June 29th – Belgrade, Serbia – Belgrade Calling Festival



July 1st – Bucharest, Romania – Rock The City Festival

July 3rd – Tel Aviv, Israel – Park Hayarkon

July 6th – Istanbul, Turkey – Istanbul Festival

July 8th – Sofia, Bulgaria – Sofia Rocks Festival