See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


Album review previously published on ANTENNA magazine website in 2008:


It’s no surprise that this album is stuck firmly in the eighties, in fact if someone were to quiz you on the year of release you’d almost certainly say 1989.

It’s almost as if Crown Of Thorns live a life within a cliché bubble that consistently floats around the late eighties (the band actually formed in the 90’s, which just beggars belief!)
Previous outings for the band have been much better however – in the mid-nineties when this kind of music was dying out faster than red socks in a white wash, they managed to support Van Halen and Bon Jovi on a stadium tour. So times were good. Very good. Times have changed however, but somebody forgot to inform Jean Beauvoir and his fellow cohorts.

Jean’s vocal melodies are still impressive and perfected as always and the choruses shine through making the CD less of a chore to listen to, but the main problem in Faith is it’s lack of passion – 2002’s Karma had plenty more moments of interest than this – and nothing stands up and screams “LISTEN!”

It’s far too safe and you can’t imagine anyone sweated in the creation of this.

My 2 cents [and I’ll admit I’m no expert on the genre] says that this is tired. Lacklustre. Lyrics are meaningless, solos go nowhere, and the songs never gravitate further than a mid tempo pace with no discerning difference between each melody. Even the song titles say nothing to the listener, and the artwork is dreadful. Gah! It’s all been done before, and it’s been done better by smaller bands like FM, and large chart slaves like Journey and Whitesnake.

Fans of the AOR genre and Crown Of Thorns in particular will probably enjoy this, but I’m sure they’ll agree that the band has more to offer than what they’re showing here.

I think this could be big in Germany. Y’know, like David Hasselhoff.


Gary Sutherland © 2008.