See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


Previously published in TOTAL GUITAR magazine in 2007:

Ah! The good old days of Still Remains! What a damn shame that less than a year after this interview with Jordan, they decided to call it quits. Was it something I said? Perhaps… this happens more often than not.

Anyway, as interviews go it was of course short and sweet. Subject matter being pretty minimal and all that. I do recall asking Jordan about working with producer Logan Mader [ex-Machine Head, Soulfly and Medication], and he didn’t have too much to say. In fact he’d never even heard of Medication! It’s understandable and I forgive his ignorance on such a short lived band. I just wanted to chat about Prince Valium. Ah well…

What’s important here is that destiny has called once more, and on March 11 2011 Still Remains reunited for a one off show in Indianapolis. Hurrah I hear you cry! Well only a small whisper of hurrah, since your voices are lost in the winds across the Atlantic – they currently have no plans to reunite for good. We live in hope. But on with the show:


The Agony Scene

“These are incredibly great friends of ours and they’re an amazing band. We have nicknames for all the guys; we call the guitarist [Chris Emmons] Dr.Rob cos he looks like Dr Robotnik from the Sonic The Hedgehog. We did the Road Rage tour in the States with them, Trivium, and 3 Inches Of Blood and I was a fan before we even toured! They’d released a record on Solid State and it was a great album. This is one of their newer tracks, it’s way different to stuff you’d usually hear from them, it’s got a very slow grooved vibe to it.”

I’m Alive
Ten Thousand Fists

“I actually like Disturbed. I’m not too elitist and I really think they’re a great band. They sell records for a reason and they have a great sound for themselves. I have this record sitting on my shelf at home too. I actually do buy records! I didn’t download it. I’ve never seen them live, normally the only bands I see are the ones we tour with. So unless we play festivals I never get to see much more than the tour packages we go on. Last thing I wanna do when I’m off tour is go and see shows!”

Cross Road

“I don’t even think I was born when this song was written, but after watching Bon Jovi videos I’d say I was born in the wrong decade. I should’ve been in the 80s with all the big hair and snakeskin shirts! I know it’s super cheesy, but I love Bon Jovi. Being a musician it’s all about an overall appreciation for music and not being into just one kind. I didn’t get into this stuff for a while though; when I was younger I was really into Rancid and Operation Ivy. I really enjoy good punk music.”

Love You Like I Do
Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights

“For some reason I get a lot of flack from our fans because I love HIM so much, but I don’t care, I think they’re an amazing band! This is by far their best record; it just really hits me in a certain way. Ville [Valo]’s voice is incredible, especially on this song, it’s almost got an old 60s feel to the way he swings his vocals. I actually got to meet Ville at the Roadrunner United concert in Times Square. He went up and sang a Type O Negative song at that show too. It was a great night.”


Interview: Gary Sutherland © 2007.