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Album review previously published in TOTAL GUITAR magazine in 2006.

SECRET SOCIETY (Sanctuary Records)

TG Rating: 6/10

Who they?
Forget Backyard Babies and Hardcore Superstars, Europe are Sweden’s most successful rock export thanks to their decade-defining hi The Final Countdown. The band somewhat died during the shoe-gazing 1990s, but are back after a 2003 reformation.

Any good?
From the opening punch of Love Is Not The Enemy to the Storm Thorgerson designed sleeve, you realise how much Europe have changed. So much so that you barely recognise Joey Tempest’s voice. Gone is the talk of aliens visiting earth, instead we have ominous vocals and rumbling guitar.

Must hear:
The Getaway Plan
bolsters the new hard-driving Europe, but if it’s a darker euphoria you’re after then check out Let The Children Play.

Why buy?
You support bands whose names fly the flag for our continent. Or maybe you’re ready for a grown up – albeit generic – version of these 1980s synth heroes. Just don’t expect The Final Countdown Part Two…

For fans of: Gotthard, Audioslave


Gary Sutherland © 2006.