See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


Album review previously published in TOTAL GUITAR magazine in 2007.

New Wave (Sire Records)

TG Rating: 8/10

Who They?
Folk-tastic rebellious indie punkers return with their much anticipated fourth long player – and if you’ve never heard them yet you’re in for a treat! Charismatic punk Tom Gabel’s diverse project started off with a self made demo in 1997, 10 years later and after a brief tenure with Fat Wreck Chords, Against Me! have struck gold with a major label release and production by the legendary Butch Vig.

Any good?
Long time fans might find the silky production tough to take. It’s not as D.I.Y. as previous releases, but it doesn’t take anything away from the song writing. Gabel’s gravel voice spitting confrontational lyrics above Bowman’s indie-styled majestic guitar work creates a unique full sound. Cuts like Americans Abroad evoke early REM and a tinge of the great Seattle scene, building into a full blown riot. The anthems shine through a plenty too – Up The Cuts is furious!

Must Hear:
First single Thrash Unreal (about a female junkie) builds on the story-like lyrics Against Me! are nurturing, but the real rally cries of protest are in the power and grit of White People For Peace – a bona fide seething frenzy just in case you thought they were losing their touch.

Why buy?
In a world dominated by self obsessed teenage whining, it’d be sacrilege not to be energised by the powerful sounds of a real anti-capitalist stance. These stars in the making really have created a ‘New Wave’ of music, and it’s full of sun drenched fist pumping anthems! Listen now and appreciate – or go hide under mascara and a floppy fringe.

For fans of: Tom Waits, Anti-Flag, Pearl Jam


Gary Sutherland © 2007.