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FEATURE: 10 Most Dangerous Gigs – THE STOOGES

Iggy Pop - the sacrificial lamb of '74

I was asked by Total Guitar to help write the feature ’10 Most Dangerous Gigs’. I wrote a little piece on one of The Stooges most infamous gigs. Put your slippers up and get stuck in with this little nugget, previously published in TOTAL GUITAR in 2007.


BAND NAME: The Stooges
VENUE: Michigan Palace, Detroit
DATE: February 9, 1974

“You pricks can throw every goddamn thing in the world, and your girlfriend’ll still love me – Ya jealous cocksuckers!” shouts Iggy, seconds later and that’s precisely what the hate-filled crowd does. The most precarious gig in punk history, not only pre-empted punk itself, but also served as a stepping stone for Iggy Pop’s notoriety. Detroit, 1974 and The Stooges played their last gig in a hailstorm of coins, lit cigarettes, eggs, the occasional shoe and glass bottles smashing against amps.
Of course it might have been something to do with the drug addled frontman’s promotional rant on local radio challenging the local Hells Angels chapter to “Come down and do your worst”. No-one quite expected the response. But the bikers came, and gave it their all, while the band – typically – carried on in boisterous fashion.
Remembered gigs usually contain tragedy, Iggy simply incited a near riot and managed to create one of the most talked about hostile environments in gig history. Gimme Danger.

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