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This interview features Atreyu getting strung up by reader’s questions with a few of The Wolf’s very own. It has to be said that the chaps in Atreyu were first class gents, and after watching them play the Astoria, myself and Total Guitar’s art editor John Blackshaw joined the band at London’s ‘classiest’ rock n roll joint – the Crobar – for some late night plowing. Dive in for insights surrounding the release of their top notch album Lead Sails Paper Anchor.

Previously published in TOTAL GUITAR magazine in 2007:

Atreyu boys.

Posing like it was '85 in London's Astoria venue.


Rednecks, fake breasts and ESPs… Welcome to the world of Atreyu

“My favourite Def Leppard song has gotta be Bringin’ On The Heartbreak. It’s just epic”. On this latest admission it’s worth noting that TG have hidden Dan Jacobs along with fellow six stringer Travis Miguel in the musty bowels of London’s Mean Fiddler. Fortunately for them there’s not a single metal fan in sight to witness this, TG on the other hand are all ears. Cod eighties aside, know this: Atreyu’s latest offering Lead Sails Paper Anchor is fist pumping top notch metal! They’ve withstood years of harsh remarks from overpaid critics, so how are they gonna manage your outlandish questions?…

So then chaps, what’s this current sound about on your new album?
Little Lord Fauntleroy, Lambeth
Travis: “It’s just loud rock music with punk hardcore and metal thrown in. I think for years people have wanted to categorise the heavier stuff and put it in sub genres, but I think it’s harder with us as we’ve just spread ourselves across everything now.”
Dan: “We’ve tried to create a different feel for every song on the new record, so it doesn’t sound too boring, or that everything’s the same. And we try to apply a sound or accent to whatever kind of style each song was in.”

I love the tune Blow featuring Josh Todd [Buckcherry frontman], are you guys gonna go down a more rock ‘n’ roll route from now on?
Kevin Mildren, Newquay
Travis Miguel: “It’s pretty early to say, as we don’t really have a preconceived notion of what we’re gonna do.”
Dan Jacobs: “It was literally like we were doing pre production for the song, and we kinda stopped during a take and were like ‘I can totally picture Josh Todd being on this song’. So our producer John Feldmann taps me on the shoulder and he’s like ‘I can get Josh, I’ll call him’ So he came down, took his shirt off and just got into it, and it was awesome.”

I heard you guys get a lot of free guitars. So who’s the Nigel Tufnel in the band?
Mr. Burgundy, Notts
Travis: “Probably both of us! Free stuff? I’ve got maybe 10. There are guitars that I forgot I had, and then there’s guitars that I thought I had, which I didn’t even have in the first place! My favourite is my custom ESP, I take pride in that because I designed it. Also, I have like a ’93 Les Paul Studio which was my fist real guitar so that’s got a lot of sentimental value.”
Dan: “I have a Les Paul that I got for my bar mitzvah! I don’t play it anymore though. It’s all about my custom ESP. I love it. I love it so much I got it printed on my t-shirt clothing range.”

Who’d win in a Motley Crue fight: Nikki Sixx or Tommy Lee?
Barnstormer, via email
Dan & Travis: “Nikki!”
Travis: “Nikki seems a bit more pissed off…”
Dan: “… but also feminine.”
Travis: “Yeah true. Well it’d be a great fight anyway. I’d pay to see it and the money would be on Nikki!”

You’ve done Bon Jovi and Faith No More, so who will you cover next?
FNM, Dublin
Travis: “I’d cover anything from an Alkaline Trio song, to a Slayer song, to an Elvis Costello song.”
Dan: “I really wanna cover an Asia song, maybe Heat Of The Moment. We could make that epic. Right now I just play it in my room when no-one’s looking.”
Travis: “Yeah, individually, the arsenal of songs we all know don’t match at all, so it’s like we can never jam anything. When we start talking about cover songs it’s like ‘Do you know this song?’ ‘No, but do you know this?’”
Dan: “And it turns out we’re actually talking about our own songs!”

Oi California boys! You know you’re just a bunch of beach bums… Discuss.
Bruvney Drives, Acton
Dan: “Yeah pretty much! The weather’s great in California right now, while we’re here in the rainy UK. We’ve been all the over world and it’s like you think there must be something better out there. But there really isn’t. Australia’s got a similar vibe but I guess it’s just personal preference to where you grew up. Amazing weather, palm trees everywhere, beautiful girls, fake breasts….”

Do you have any celebrity stories from the old days in OC?
Debbie Willy, Leics
Travis: “One of the first shows we ever did was a backyard party with Avenged Sevenfold just playing to local rednecks. This was before anyone was signed, and everyone was just sharing equipment. Crazy stuff when you think about it!”
Dan: “Yeah, Orange County definitely has a big scene and I guess people are just drawn there. A lot of good bands have come out of OC. But it’s weird to think that you can take that line-up now, and see that we’re just about to hit the arenas with those guys!”

What new bands do you guys think I should be checking out?
Sheena Farrow, via email
Dan: “Dredg. We did Taste The Chaos tour with them in the States. They were the band that the crowd just didn’t get at all, yet every band on the tour would be at the side of the stage going ‘Oh my God!’ and making sure they watched Dredg. There were more people in bands watching them! They’re very talented and definitely don’t get the credit they deserve.”
Travis: “I love Abba.”


Interview: Gary Sutherland © 2007.