See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


This interview took place on a sunny day in the surrounds of South London’s Brixton Academy – and sunny days in Brixton are rare as far as I’m concerned. Maximo Park were playing a sell out show later that night I recall, and Lloyd was a particularly amiable chap. I think we might have discussed Def Leppard at some point, and he gave us free tickets to the show.

Previously published in TOTAL GUITAR magazine in 2008:



Rain Song
Houses Of The Holy

“The whole band is into Led Zep, It’s actually pretty much our bassist’s [Archis Tiku] favourite band. We listen to them quite a lot on the tour bus. They inspired me to grow my hair longer back in the grunge days! This particular track is one of those epic ones, it’s eight minutes long. It’s a great song for drifting away to though, especially if you’re travelling. Plus of course they’ve re-united this year, we’ve put forward to support so you never know your luck!”

Big New Prinz
I Am Kurious, Oranj

“[The Fall frontman] Mark E Smith is just amazing. He’s always sounded consistent, really raw and has always come up with great lyrics every time. The stuff he’s coming out with, you don’t whether he’s actually thought about it or if it just came out randomly. They’re almost like the Velvet Underground of the North West. My Dad’s also from Salford so I used to go up there as a kid quite a lot and The Fall remind me a lot of those days – I like that connection.”

The True One
No Other

“Ah Gene! Yeah he was in The Byrds, but this is from a 70s solo album. I got recommended this by our tour manager Neil, he really loves 60s/70s stuff, so he’s always recommending random music. I guess I don’t listen to it all that much, but again, it’s a great travelling tune. Five years ago or so I wouldn’t have touched country music stuff at all! But it’s weird how much it really suits being on tour, you can definitely understand and relate the songs more.”

Fear of Sleep
First Impressions Of Earth

“I think they started off the whole live band thing again in the UK. It was all starting around the time we started too which was great for us. I guess people think of them as a fashion band, but actually when you listen to the stuff they’re a pretty inventive band. I listen to this [their latest album] more than their other albums; it’s just more diverse, like the song with the synth cello in it. Oh, and that whole skinny jeans and jacket thing is their fault!”


Interview: Gary Sutherland © 2008.