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Previously published in TOTAL GUITAR magazine in 2009:

"We're not from America, sucka foo's!" Guitarist: Ryan Day (far right)


Destroy! Destroy! The unstoppable pop punk explosion that’s conquering Earth
Ryan Day

Who are they and what do they sound like?
You’d be forgiven for thinking that this Fall Out Boy-esque quartet hail from the sun-kissed hills of California. In fact these prophets of harmonious pop rock rise from a more localised West  – yes indeed, the Welsh have done it again and Attack! Attack! prove once more there’s definitely something in the water of Cardiff. They’ve flogged their wares all over the UK supporting Funeral For A Friend, and with members of Lostprophets appearing in their latest video, these upbeat heroes have some particularly top notch backing. So is this the freshest tasting music to escape the confines yet? “Definitely! It’s Melodic energetic rock, with powerful moments, soft moments and err… more melodic moments!” laughs guitarist Ryan Day.

So, how did Stuart from Lostprophets get involved in the album?
“Well we’ve known him for a while and he recorded some music for Neil’s old band in Caerphilly, they’ve been friends for ages and Stuart [Richardson] wanted to record a band again,” says Ryan. “We just thought let’s do it, let’s get in there, record something, and see what happens. It was brilliant though, he’s straight up with us. It was like a bunch of friends recording together”. The long awaited album just released was actually recorded a year ago. “We’ve already got a bunch of ideas ready to go for a new album – it’s grown another ball you could say. A lot more ‘Rock’ involved”.

Ah ha! Perhaps more influence than just bubblegum and pop then?
“Yeah, I’m actually a massive AC/DC fan myself!” laughs Ryan. “Beating Around The Bush is the greatest riff ever. I’ve definitely learnt a lot from Angus Young.” And it’s not just classic rock that floated Ryan’s boat into the big league. “Where I come from is down the road from Stereophonics. When I was 14 years old those guys were getting huge, and that was a big deal. If you see someone close to you on MTV, it’s like ‘Fucking hell, if they can do it then so can I!’ It was a big kick up the arse for me!”.

Just don’t confuse them with the American screamo outfit with the same name…
“I don’t know how that happened, fucking unbelievable. We get some funny mail though! Like: ‘Yeah I saw you last night in Kentucky!’ and we’re like ‘Err… we played in Aberdeen last night’.


FOR FANS OF: Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, Lostprophets

KEY KIT: Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Head, Line 6 Delay Modeler Pedal, Strat (with Jeff Buck JR Seymour Duncan Pick-up), Chromatic Boss Tuner, Ernie Ball Strings.

OUT NOW: Attack! Attack! (Rock Ridge)



Interview: Gary Sutherland © 2009.