See evil, hear evil, speak evil.


Album review previously published in TOTAL GUITAR magazine in 2007.

Plower Punk

Self-Titled (Hellcat Records)

TG Rating: 5/10

Who They?
No frills. Californian. Punk. These ultra-fast riff meisters have been tearing up the club scene of LA for the past ten years, so it’s about time they debuted an album. And debut they have. Signing up to Tim Armstrong’s Hellcat label, Society’s Parasites are pure punk rock mayhem in the vein of Discharge and Minor Threat. They might not be full of melody, but their short and sharp infectious racket leaves you exhilarated with the effect of a kick in the face. Nice.

Any good?
Can’t actually remember… there was a white noise, and now there’s smashed glass and blood on the floor. Oh yes, it’s that kind of punk. It’s frantic, it’s hectic, and it’s also mostly forgettable. But who cares right? It’s old ploughing punk made by young herberts! Delivering the goods through a high octane dose of energy with top notch lead riffing.

Must Hear:
The whole shebang! There’s no point glancing at the odd track (most of them barely exceed the 2min mark) this is to be listened stand alone and turned up exceptionally loud. The bass solo however on American Nightmare is well worth a second listen.

Why buy?
It’s not original in any way, so don’t expect a punk miracle. But it does the job when you’re about to go out on the town, so just grab it by the scrote and run with it. It might be painful, but when it’s over you feel a buzzing wave of euphoric satisfaction in your ears. Get sweaty. Get stuck in. This is 25 minutes of guitar licking filth!

For fans of: Rancid, Discharge, Zeke


Gary Sutherland © 2007.